DG Media Network, powered by Quotient

Drive Sales Among Dollar General Shoppers With The New DG Media Network

The DG Media Network is the only data-driven digital marketing platform built to help national brands and shopper marketers grow measurable sales at Dollar General.

Built together in a partnership between Dollar General and Quotient, the DG Media Network will leverage exclusive DG customer data, DG media properties, and much more for precise shopper targeting. The Network will also include access to Dollar General’s DMP (data management platform), the exclusive digital source of Dollar General’s shopper segmentation.

DG Media Network Advantages

Brands can customize their ad campaigns and deliver highly-targeted, personalized advertising and promotional content to known DG shoppers across the web, including all DG channels, Quotient’s flagship consumer brand,, plus third-party properties including major digital publishers and social media channels.

Engage more shoppers and drive more sales with:

Proprietary Audience Data

Reach millions of verified DG buyers with precision at scale based on data that reflects past purchase behavior and future purchase intent.

Appropriate Media Channels

Connect with ready shoppers at the right time, wherever they are, with brand-safe, and contextually relevant digital media including web, app, mobile, email, and social/influencer media.

Mobile-Focused Creative Digital Ads

Engage shoppers with compelling in-ad calls-to-action, such as digital coupons or in-store specials, that look great on any screen.

Insights-Driven Analytics

Measure media engagement, promotional performance, and sales impact (assuming scale feasibility) to assess a campaign’s effectiveness, develop insights, and optimize future campaigns leveraging DG’s direct POS data.

Quick Facts

  • Dollar General has increased the total number of its stores by almost 80% in the past 10 years.1
  • In July 2018, DG celebrated the grand opening of its 15,000th store.
  • Dollar store shoppers prefer retailer app features that offer “digital coupons personalized for me” 56% more than the average shopper. (Inmar, July 2018)

Sales Opportunities

New Product Launches

Use targeted ads and digital coupons to drive 2X product trial and repeat purchases.

Merchandising Amplification

Support in-store events and drive sales among DG shoppers with targeted digital media across all DG channels.

Shopper Loyalty

Drive baseline or Share of Requirements among category buyers.

Our Comprehensive Full-Service Model
is Designed to Deliver

It’s a Partnership

We’ll collaborate with you to define program objectives, design, and KPI reporting.

It’s End to End

Our team of advanced retail media experts will manage program delivery and optimization from start to finish.

It’s Results-Oriented

Post-campaign impact reporting will provide key analytics, highlighting areas of success as well as opportunity.

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Source: 1 - Dollar General (2008 stores: 8,362 - 2018 stores: 15,015)

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